When ReadMe was born in 2012, it was inside a room in Nugegoda. A very small room barely larger than a small bedroom. This was our first “office.” We’ve had many “offices” over the years. Yet for the most part the entire team worked remotely from home. The only purpose of an “office” was for meetings.

Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked we got a room on the 4th floor of the Harcouts building. Located right opposite Castle Hospital, on the border of Borella and Rajagiriya. This was the first official ReadMe office.

Suddenly it was 2015. We were 3 years old and our team had grown large. Too large for the little space (Arshad alone counts for 2.5 people) inside Harcouts. We needed to move. So after two months of hunting, we found the perfect place. A 2 storey house deep in the urban jungle of Rajagiriya, with plenty of space for everyone. We finally found the perfect home for the new ReadMe.

In 3 short years, we had come a long way. However, we never would have gotten where we are today, without the support of some amazing people. So opened our new doors with a small party to say, “Thank you for helping us get to where we are today.” After filtering 80% of the pictures our photo monkeys took that night, here’s a few pictures that are suitable for public viewing.

Thanks to the generosity of Coco Veranda, we had an entire Death By Chocolate Cake.

An entire Death By Chocolate cake that we happily dug into. With no forks. Yes, Coco challenged us to eat an entire DBC without forks. Challenge accepted.

Old long lost friends met once more. Enthusiastic free hugs were given. With a touch of DBC on the side.

Ser Enosh nailing us with his riveting tunes. Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any broken ear drums that resulted from listening to this music.

Sometimes you just have to facepalm.

We can neither confirm nor deny that Farhan is aware of what’s happening around him.

Definitely not a creep.


One of the many laughing moments shared through the night.

The calm before the storm of laughter.