ReadMe is your guide to the Sri Lankan IT industry.

We're national tech-journalists with international standards. We don’t just write, we run the gamut – photography, live blogging, live twitter coverage, the works. ReadMe is your source for everything that happens in the Sri Lankan IT industry. We bring you the latest news, insights and unparalleled features into the Sri Lankan techscape.

What We Do

Breaking the News

There are two ways of reporting the latest news. The easy way is to copy-paste a press release and call it a day. We at ReadMe do things the hard way. We meticulously investigate every aspect of a story to tell you what’s really happening. Whenever something happens in the industry, you’ll find us at the event. This is what sets ReadMe apart from other consumer tech publications.


With over 1 billion viewers on YouTube each month, video is the next frontier of content. We’ve already begun taking Sri Lankan tech content on YouTube on a professional scale. In addition to producing post-event videos, we also produce a strong roster of original video content such as our Startup Parable series.

In-depth features and interviews

There’s a lot happening under the radar in Sri Lanka. We constantly meet interesting people with great stories to share. We at ReadMe have made it our mission to share these stories with you and the rest of the world. Our team of writers is always busy interviewing these people and creating in-depth feature stories that rival print publications. This is why ReadMe was born.

Reviews and buying guides

When it comes to our reviews, we meticulously analyze every feature and explain in the simplest of terms what it offers you. When it comes to our buying guides, we spend days researching the entire market to find and review the right picks. At ReadMe, we help our readers make informed purchases, without getting hustled by a salesman looking to make a commission.

Event Coverage

Big or small, when it comes to events we take a very hands-on approach to coverage. Over the years, we have mastered multiple mediums. With this mastery, we constantly keep our readers and the world at large updated about what’s happening in Sri Lanka’s techscape.

Pre-event publicity

Before any event in the tech industry happens, you’ll find the details on ReadMe. We are constantly on the lookout for events. For ReadMe, no event is too big or too small. If it’s a tech event then you’ll know what to expect there as we spread the news across every medium we use.


A picture speaks 1000 words. It’s important those 1000 words tell the right story about the event. At ReadMe, our photographers take stunning pictures of every detail of any event. Constantly experimenting, it’s their creativity and ingenuity that make our albums go viral across social media.

Post-event publicity

At the end of an event, the writers in our live team collect all the updates posted across every medium they used. A story is then written that transports our readers back in time to the event. This is why you regularly find post-event articles for tech events written by ReadMe across social media.

Live coverage

Our ReadMe live team is always at an event, delivering prompt live updates as the event unfolds. On Twitter, they join the conversation with updates on @ReadMeLive. On Instagram, their pictures paint a story of the biggest happenings at any event. Always adapting and experimenting with new mediums, all they need to deliver updates is a device that connects to the internet.

Live blogging

The Live-blog is one of the greatest tools we have for event coverage. Typically, it’s reserved for the biggest of events. With this we report what’s happening, up to and including entire portions of speeches, live from the event itself.

Live streaming

Industry Partnerships


ReadMe, Sri Lanka’s premier technology news website and E FM the lifestyle station, have signed a partnership to launch TechNews Live @ E. This historic venture, bring the latest developments in the Sri Lanka tech space to radio listeners. With this partnership, E FM becomes the first radio to air tech news as part of their prime time news bulletins. Tune into 88.3 FM Island-wide, at 6.45 AM, 12.45 PM & 6.45 PM and you can hear the latest stories about Sri Lanka’s innovative tech industry on E FM powered by ReadMe.

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