ReadMe, one of the most popular and active platforms in the IT sphere celebrated its third anniversary recently. Founded in 2012, ReadMe is gaining popularity in the IT industry as providing unbiased news that is of international standard. Ranging from hardware reviews to event coverage which include hackathons and conferences to opinion pieces about the tech and IT industry, the company has been on the forefront for the latest in Sri Lanka’s tech scene.

Furthermore the team at ReadMe have been working relentlessly to make sure that readers get quality content every single time. To help out with this, they have also launched ReadMe Sinhala which now can be accessed

A true start-up, founded two dynamic youngsters Andrew Jebaraj and Enosh Praveen, ReadMe kicked off in 2012 being solely a two-man project. They came up with the brand “ReadMe” which means a file, usually a document accompanying an application that acts as a user manual. That’s precisely what they envisioned for ReadMe-to be the place for anything IT related. Even their motto is “Enriching IT awareness”.

Speaking about the start-up ethos and the new addition, Founders Andrew Jebaraj and Enosh Praveen in a joint statement said, “We are happy about where we are now within the market, and we want to especially thank all who supported us to reach this level. The journey has not been an easy one but with the sheer dedication and commitment from everyone on the team”. The adoption of Sinhala to the site enables us to tap into a greater reader base and also helps us to build our reputation for delivering high quality content regardless of language”.

They further added, “Up to December 2014, the team operated from their homes, usually meeting up only for events and the random movie nights. Then, by a stroke of luck we stumbled upon the perfect place to house a new office”.

Currently the team consists of Andrew, Enosh, Yudhanjaya, Mahesh, Mazin, Binura, Ushan and Malshan, with Aqeel and Ravishangar on Website and Graphics, and Tharindu and Thamburu on ReadMe Sinhala. Whilst Andrew and Enosh take care of the business side of things, it’s up to these 10 young individuals to keep the English and Sinhala content at alive and content rich.