ReadMe joins hands with IT/BPM chamber in Sri Lanka

(Photo Caption – From left:
Jeevan Gnanam – Vice Chairman, Dharshan Cooray – Executive Director, Arul Sivagananathan – Chairman from SLASSCOM with Enosh Praveen and Andrew Jebaraj – Co-Founders of ReadMe)


With the dawn of a brand new year and a range of milestones and targets set in place to be achieved over the next few years, ReadMe – Sri Lanka’s premier IT Magazine and Sri Lankan Association of Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recently.

With the signing of this MoU, ReadMe joins hands with SLASSCOM initiatives to promote the Sri Lankan IT/BPM industry growth and facilitate in the groundwork for the goals set to be achieved over the next few years.

SLASSCOM, which is active in many aspects of the booming IT/BPM industry, aims to be a catalyst for the growth of the Sri Lankan IT/BPM industry.

As part of its move towards achieving this goal, SLASSCOM has managed to strike fruitful partnerships, with the Government to formulate policies, and with stakeholders to promote the industry in global markets. In addition, SLASSCOM also encourages its members to uphold world-class standards and expand the quality of the IT/BPM professionals in Sri Lanka.

In a statement shared at this occasion, Dr. Arul Sivagananathan – Chairman of SLASSCOM stated “The SLASSCOM and ReadMe MOU signifies the IT/BPM industry’s commitment towards creating awareness on employment, market development and investment opportunities accessible to key stakeholders locally and internationally.”

He went on to say, “SLASSCOM’s focus on innovation and knowledge development will help the local IT/BPM industry collaborate with partners such as ReadMe to develop the local industry’s market access and develop capacity together with all like-minded organizations and individuals working towards surpassing the industry’s 2022 target of  $5 billion in revenue, 200,000 in employment and 1000 start-ups and achieving exponential and sustainable growth of the local economy in line with the country’s full potential for future generations”.

Commenting on the signing of this MoU, the Co-founders of ReadMe, Andrew Jebaraj and Enosh Praveen in a joint statement said, “Since ReadMe’s inception, our focus has been to give recognition and insight into the local IT industry forward. This is why we have always stood by and supported SLASSCOM’s initiatives to facilitate the local IT/BPM industry growth”.

Founded in 2012, ReadMe has gained popularity in the IT industry for providing unbiased news based on tech developments in Sri Lanka and across the world. Today, it has publications on a variety of platforms, which include: web, print, social media and radio. Ranging from well-researched reviews to event coverages, which includes tech conferences and hackathons to exclusive features on startups and entrepreneurs, ReadMe has been at the forefront of the latest and greatest in the Sri Lankan tech industry.

SLASSCOM is a local IT industry body whose objective is to be a catalyst of growth of the Sri Lankan IT and BPM industry. It does so by facilitating trade and business, propagation of education and employment, encouragement of research and innovation, and by supporting the creation of a progressive national policy framework.



Sharing our story at Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka

By: Mahesh De Andrado

It was a day like any other. No scratch that. It wasn’t a day. It was actually a night. It is 8PM on Wednesday the 18th of May 2016. Anyone venturing towards Galle face along the 101 bus route would have borne witness to a rather long and winding queue beginning from around the lakehouse area ending (or beginning) at SLECC. Clad in white t-shirts bearing an abstract lion, these people had gathered for one reason, and one reason alone: Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka.

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Our co-founder got married. You will knot believe what happened.

“Guys keep the 8th of April free. I’m getting married”, said our co-founder Enosh Praveen before he disappeared. After that, none of us saw even a glimpse of Enosh for almost two months. This is what he says happens to people that wait until the last minute to plan their weddings. They will spend their days constantly running from one place to another. All in the sake of making sure everything is perfect for the big day. Despite this last minute mad rush, on the 8th of April the perfect stage was set.

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“ReadMe Talk” launched at at the Orion City IT Park cafe

ReadMe which is the most prominent technology news website in Sri Lanka held its first meetup. The meetup was dubbed ReadMe talk and held at the Orion City IT Park cafe. The startup segment saw Mahen Ratnayake and Mudith Uswatta, founders of Katha take the stage. Mahen introduced the audience to the Katha app, which is a social network where one create content with voice and get paid for it. Mudith also shared the challenges they faced in getting funding as a young startup and then actually building the app. The lesson from Mudith’s story was a valuable one for all entrepreneurs: budget double the time you think you will need to bring your idea to life.

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We got a new office!

When ReadMe was born in 2012, it was inside a room in Nugegoda. A very small room barely larger than a small bedroom. This was our first “office.” We’ve had many “offices” over the years. Yet for the most part the entire team worked remotely from home. The only purpose of an “office” was for meetings.

Read More celebrates; first victory and the first year in Sri Lankan sports Journalism.

Starting from scratch, the first year has been quite a journey for Dailysports. With ups and downs from both ends, we are rather proud to say that the team had a successful first year undoubtedly.

This year we set a simple goal for ourselves. That is to win a best web award from the .lk domain registry. Despite being a young startup, we were able to achieve this hefty goal. We successfully snatched a Merit award at the Best Web awards under the sports and entertainment category. Despite the more experienced competitors in the fray, we were able to get our names in the book.

Andrew Jebaraj and Enosh Praveen, founders of Nexia Capital media (and, initially took over with the sole intention of transforming the catchy title into one of the leading sources of sports news in Sri Lanka. At a time where websites grow out in the wild like weed, these two young entrepreneurs envisioned a platform to disseminate home-grown content, without cooking other people’s ideas with couple of words jumbled. Andrew and Enosh wanted to set an example of leading a plagiarism-free website which will attract readers in their thousands.

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Commandos, Dusty Rides and Camping In The Wild

As the excitement began to spread among the team, a 3-man Dailysports unit was requested to participate in the 2nd annual Commando 4×4 expedition. We shared the specific responsibilities among ourselves. While Enosh and Uditha took over Live Updates and photography, I personally chose article writing.

With the tiniest hassle, we managed to arrive at the start off point in Thalapathpitiya right on time. Immediately after the delicious breakfast meal, the crew was escorted to the Land Rover that was basically turning out to be “Home” for the next 6 days.

Unlike the other muscle machines, our vehicle was rather open-type and convenient in many ways. It wouldn’t be untrue for me to say that the real 4×4 experience was endured by the media crew and none other.

Before we knew it, we were at the northernmost point of Sri Lanka with luxury accommodation to spend the night.

3rd of August – Earlier in the day, we prepared ourselves by getting the equipment together while ensuring that we had enough battery in hand.

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ReadMe celebrates 3 years sharing Tech knowledge

ReadMe, one of the most popular and active platforms in the IT sphere celebrated its third anniversary recently. Founded in 2012, ReadMe is gaining popularity in the IT industry as providing unbiased news that is of international standard. Ranging from hardware reviews to event coverage which include hackathons and conferences to opinion pieces about the tech and IT industry, the company has been on the forefront for the latest in Sri Lanka’s tech scene.

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The tech guys; as published on Sunday Times

As published on Sunday Times on Sunday, March 22, 2015

By Vinusha Paulraj

Photo: Left- Right Andrew Jebaraj, Enosh Praveen and Vinusha Paulraj

If you’re a social media addict or technically inclined you’ve probably come across at some point. In operation for three years, the webpage is known today for its variety of content among the gadget-dependent for the latest in Sri Lanka’s tech scene. Growing into a full-time staff of twelve, 26 year old co-founders Andrew Jebaraj and Enosh Praveen remember busier days when the whole website was a two-man project.

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