“Guys keep the 8th of April free. I’m getting married”, said our co-founder Enosh Praveen before he disappeared. After that, none of us saw even a glimpse of Enosh for almost two months. This is what he says happens to people that wait until the last minute to plan their weddings. They will spend their days constantly running from one place to another. All in the sake of making sure everything is perfect for the big day. Despite this last minute mad rush, on the 8th of April the perfect stage was set.

Enosh and Saagitya (Image credits: DR Creations)

Enosh and Saagitya (Image credits: DR Creations)

After being together for 7 years, Enosh finally married the love of his life Saagitya Sudhahar on the 8th of April 2016. Now as per ReadMe tradition, we have to write about it and share the story. After all, this is what we do. With that being said, this is the story of Ser Enosh Praveen passing away and #EnoshWedsSaagi.

Prologue: The ice cream baron

The 8th of April was a typical sunny Colombo Friday, which means that the heat was unbearable. Most of us sought refuge in places like Majestic City where an A/C was operational. If we were going to run around at the last minute adding the final touches to our wedding gifts, we were going to do it in a place with a working A/C. Meanwhile, Enosh, Saagitya, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen were at Viharamahadevi Park.

Despite the unbearable heat, they were all in the great outdoors with the guys wearing their suits and the ladies in their fancy dresses. What madness possessed them to commit such an act you ask? A photo shoot. Yes, they were all dressed up for a photoshoot. Needless to say, beating the heat in such circumstances is a challenge. A challenge which Enosh conquered in a true entrepreneurial fashion.

Enosh Praveen - Husband, Entrepreneur, Ice cream baron (Image credits: Vyshnavy Velrajh)

Enosh Praveen – Husband, Entrepreneur, Ice cream baron (Image credits: Vyshnavy Velrajh)

Yes, that is our co-founder Enosh Praveen, driving an ice cream bike. We’ve yet to get an official comment from Enosh because he’s still away on his honeymoon. However, knowing Enosh and based on the photographic evidence, we are assuming that he got the idea for a new startup. Initial reports also suggest that an MVP was launched. From what we know, the groomsmen gave this MVP a thumbs up and a five-star rating.

The groomsmen testing out the MVP (Image credits: Enosh Praveen)

The groomsmen testing out the MVP (Image credits: Enosh Praveen)

Hours passed and many ice creams later, the photographers had finally captured the perfect pictures they needed. With the conclusion of the photo shoot and successful MVP, the dynamic couple and their sidekicks made their way to the Cathedral. Meanwhile, the rest of us were now in a mad rush making last minute preparations for gifts. Once our gifts were sorted, we raced towards the Cathedral.

Part One: The wedding at the Cathedral

As we drove into the church, it was 4.30pm and the sound of the church bells ringing filled the air. We left our bags in the car and then made our way inside the church with our wedding gifts in hand. Once we took our seats, we saw Saagitya in her snow white gown and Enosh in his favorite blue suit at the altar. As with all weddings, they said their vows and then exchanged their rings. Afterward, prayers were said wishing the couple a long and happy married life. Once the prayers were said, the couple signed the registry and walked out hand-in-hand as Mr. and Mrs. Praveen to a thunderous applause.

“It was exactly like the weddings I saw in the movies” – Dhivaagar Kumaravel

With the conclusion of the ceremony, we picked our gifts and made our way to the church gardens for the reception. The reception which began with a game of hide and seek. To be precise, we were all seeking the hidden place to put our wedding gifts. With a band playing background music, we found the hidden gift table after 10 minutes of walking around the garden. After we placed our gifts, we took our seats and made a startling discovery.

Enosh and Saagitya were in a bit of a jam

Enosh and Saagitya were in a bit of a jam

We saw Enosh and Saagitya at our table, locked up in a bottle. We could say that they were in a bit of a jam. Suddenly, the music in the background stopped. In a movie, this is how you know that something really bad is going to happen. Thankfully, at a wedding this signified that something really good was about to happen.

Enosh and Saagitya sitting on their throne

Enosh and Saagitya sitting on their throne

Enosh and Saagitya walked in, cut their bright orange wedding cake and took their seat. It was now time for the speeches. First up were the bridesmaids, who have known Saagitya from their adventures at university and shared with us how she’s an expert at giving gifts now.

Afterward, it was time for Andrew Jebaraj, our technical co-founder and the best man to take the stage and give a speech about Enosh. Unlike the speech given by the 3 bridesmaids, the speech by the best man can’t be summarized in one sentence. That’s why we’re really glad that we took a video of Andrew’s speech.

Following Andrew’s speech, Enosh took the stage and stole the microphone to give a surprise speech. This one was more of a vote of thanks. But it was the most emotional and honest vote of thanks we’ve seen at any event to date. It was also the first time the Enosh and Saagitya ever said the words, “I love you” Check out the video below for the complete and uncut surprise emotional speech Enosh gave.

Once the speeches had been given, the background music resumed and the couple returned to their throne. Immediately after they took their seat, a line of relatives, distant relatives and friends suddenly appeared. This was a line of people, all of whom wanted a picture with the dynamic couple. Seeing this line, we decided to put our objective of taking an organized and chaotic selfie with Enosh and Saagitya on hold for the moment. And so we decided to raid the buffet.

“We are going to take an organized chaotic selfie with the couple. Notice the use of the words organized and chaotic.” – Prof. Dr. Mr. Mahesh De Ninja Banana Walrus Andrado

We took our plates and once we got to the selection, we found finger food and iced coffee. After our fifth round, we saw the line to take pictures with the new couple had thinned out. Seeing the opportunity, we quickly jumped in line. Unlike the previous set of people, we didn’t have to wait long till we got our picture. Alas, this was an organized picture but it was neither chaotic nor a selfie.

Seeing the line behind us, we retreated for a while and killed time by raiding the buffet again and dancing.

Hours later, darkness fell and the clock struck 8pm. The crowd at the reception had thinned out. Finally, Enosh and Saagitya were free from the clutches of friends and relatives seeking pictures. Exhausted from standing for over 200 pictures, they were looking forward to heading home. We let them catch their breath, and just before they went we were finally able to achieve one of our main objectives.

An organized chaotic selfie with the lucky couple

An organized chaotic selfie with the lucky couple

Yes, the entire ReadMe crew, both young and old were able to successfully capture an organized chaotic selfie with the couple. Having captured the selfie, the bouquet was thrown and both Enosh and Saagitya headed off into the sunset to Wattala in a car that screamed, “Just Married!” And what did we do after that? We went for a few drinks to make a toast to both Enosh and Saagitya.

Part Two: The Hindu Wedding

That massive wedding and reception at the Cathedral we just talked about? Yeah, that was part one of this massive wedding. Part two was the second wedding which was held in accordance with Hindu traditions. This second wedding was a more private event, reserved for family. So while we can’t describe this wedding in detail, we do have pictures.

The Hindu wedding in pictures

The Hindu wedding in pictures

Epilogue: The Next ReadMe Wedding

One co-founder has gotten married. But what about the other co-founder? We asked Andrew when he was going to get married. He replied saying, “After Enosh gets his second child!” Now that’s a very vague answer. But based on existing data, we think Andrew’s wedding will be on the 8th of April 2020. How did we come to this conclusion? Amateur hack data science.

Existing data shows that Enosh met Mahesh on the 8th of April 2014. Two years later, Enosh got married. Based on this pattern, we can assume that Enosh and Saagitya will get his first child in two years on the 8th of April 2018. So unless Enosh and Saagitya get twins, Andrew will likely get married on the 8th of April 2020. However, it’s important we say on record that this is still a prediction.

We’ve yet to achieve 100% accuracy in predicting almost anything. But one thing we can say for certain is that the next ReadMe wedding will also happen with the last minute mad rush. So expect wedding invitations to arrive at the eleventh hour.

With that being said, Enosh and Saagitya we hope you both enjoy a long and happy married life.

PS: www.secretlifeofenosh.com is still active at the time of writing.

Update: www.secretlifeofenosh.com is now dead.