As the excitement began to spread among the team, a 3-man Dailysports unit was requested to participate in the 2nd annual Commando 4×4 expedition. We shared the specific responsibilities among ourselves. While Enosh and Uditha took over Live Updates and photography, I personally chose article writing.

With the tiniest hassle, we managed to arrive at the start off point in Thalapathpitiya¬†right on time. Immediately after the delicious breakfast meal, the crew was escorted to the Land Rover that was basically turning out to be “Home” for the next 6 days.

Unlike the other muscle machines, our vehicle was rather open-type and convenient in many ways. It wouldn’t be untrue for me to say that the real 4×4 experience was endured by the media crew and none other.

Before we knew it, we were at the northernmost point of Sri Lanka with luxury accommodation to spend the night.

3rd of August – Earlier in the day, we prepared ourselves by getting the equipment together while ensuring that we had enough battery in hand.

Well, to be honest, all 6 days had two sides to it. A good side and a slightly bad side. The good side was the fact that traveling in the open-type Land Rover was quite adventurous and it generated an excellent platform for photography/videography.

However, the fact that we were completely buried in the dust could certainly be considered as the bad side. Nevertheless, it was all part of the fun.

During our 6 Day adventure, we encountered several unforgettable experiences. Here’s the story in images.

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This happened to be our “Home” throughout the 6 Day expedition



The 6 Day Journey was adventurous, long and exhausting




The long roads were followed by the sandy shores in Manalkadu, Jaffna



These Beds Were Quite Magical After The Long Drive To Point Pedro


Mr Ranjith Perera AKA Uncle – Our friend throughout the journey


Enosh Praveen (Live Updates – Dailysports) poses in front of the muscle machine like a boss


Our Friends from Rupavahini – Amal and Saman Aiya having a moment


An Evening Beside The Lake (Somewhere in the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka)


Fruits were served as dessert after a yummy dinner


Aerial View of Camp


Major General Prasanna De Silva poses for a picture 


The Clear Skies of the Nothern Part of Sri Lanka


Meet Mr. Theja – Goes into the record books as The most chilled participant ever


These little kids eagerly opened the bags that were gifted to them

IMG_4378 copy

Posing with the indigenous Veddah population of Sri Lanka


Brigadier Senarathne drinks a refreshing “Thambili”



Enosh after getting totally dust-stormed




The majestic vehicles rally one after the other