We just gave birth! Meet Camp.Education Today

We just gave birth! Meet Camp.Education Today

A few months ago, Chrishanth “Ninja” Niranjan, one of our teammates, had decided to pursue a filmmaking degree. Why? Because he had too much free time. So he began hunting to find the perfect university. Yet, he was only met with frustration. As we saw Chrisanth tear his hair out, everyone thought that it shouldn’t be so hard. Thus, Camp.Education Today was born because of a frustrated teammate.

What is Camp.Education Today?

Camp.Education Today is your best friend that helps you find the right university. Like Chrishanth, we noticed that when you’re considering higher studies there are a plethora of choices and a variety of options. This can drive any student or parent (and sometimes even universities) insane.

Say hello to Camp.Education Today

Say hello to Camp.Education Today

Camp.Education Today is what we like to call the brainchild of Education Today. Just like in a physical camp we make it easier for you to find your favorite university. Why do you have to refer to Camp.Education Today? It’s threefold.

  • To help students and also parents and maybe your grandparents to make the decision easier
  • Make the fees of all universities transparent
  • Rank the universities according to their achievements

As a camp, we give the safety net to choose the university which suits you the best. And we have a policy that all colleges should be transparent. What makes it easier for you to find the college and degree of your choice are the features that are available for you.

We have features. It’s not 1800’s not to have.

Visit camp.educationtoday.lk to get a better idea of how these features actually work but in the meantime, here are the features.

  • You can compare courses: What do we mean by this? This means that if you are a student interested in doing law you can compare law degrees offered by various colleges and analyze it for yourself.
  • You can compare course fees: Knowing the fees structure will help you to figure out which fees structure you should follow. We believe that fees structures should be transparent so that students and parents together can decide which structure is more suitable.
  • Insight into the college: You can, of course, check the courses and fees available in each university/college but what else can you check? You can check the pass out rate, lecturer details for an example how many Doctors and professors and degree holders
  • Intakes Update: You can update yourself with dates and semesters when colleges are open for new intakes.
  • Awarding University: One of the most crucial point you miss when you join a university is the awarding body. With our system, you can check the awarding body and do a quick google search to learn more about the university.
  • Reports: You can also get detailed reports about a variety of courses, such as for example: how the price of the course has changed over the years.

But this is merely the start. As Camp.Education Today grows, you’ll see a lot more exciting features. One such feature currently in the works is to give you detailed information about the faculty of universities. So if you’re struggling to find that perfect university, click here to visit Camp.Education Today.