Nexia is a group of mad scientists that live on the internet. We are a media company that’s not afraid to experiment and create new types of content. That’s why we are in 7 very different industries and support 2 very unique communities. Some call us crazy but nobody can deny that we push boundaries. We are Nexia Captial Media and we make the internet awesome, one story at a time.

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ReadMe joins hands with IT/BPM chamber in Sri Lanka

(Photo Caption – From left: Jeevan Gnanam – Vice Chairman, Dharshan Cooray – Executive Director, Arul Sivagananathan – Chairman from SLASSCOM

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Sharing our story at Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka

By: Mahesh De Andrado It was a day like any other. No scratch that. It wasn’t a day. It wasRead More

Our co-founder got married. You will knot believe what happened.

“Guys keep the 8th of April free. I’m getting married”, said our co-founder Enosh Praveen before he disappeared. After that,

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Tech News on Live at E 88.3 powered by ReadMe

ReadMe, Sri Lanka’s premier technology news website and E FM Your Lifestyle Station, have signed a partnership to launch Tech

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“ReadMe Talk” launched at at the Orion City IT Park cafe

ReadMe which is the most prominent technology news website in Sri Lanka held its first meetup. The meetup was dubbed

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We got a new office!

When ReadMe was born in 2012, it was inside a room in Nugegoda. A very small room barely larger than

Read More celebrates; first victory and the first year in Sri Lankan sports Journalism.

Starting from scratch, the first year has been quite a journey for Dailysports. With ups and downs from both ends, we

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Commandos, Dusty Rides and Camping In The Wild

As the excitement began to spread among the team, a 3-man Dailysports unit was requested to participate in the 2nd

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